Clouds break and we start to warm…

March 17th, 2014 at 6:59 am by under Weather

A storm system that moved south of the Miami Valley on Sunday took temperatures down significantly. Clouds moved in, and blustery winds made it feel even colder. Take a look at the temperature trend over the past few days:


Good news if you want Spring… not only is it just THREE days away, but we also have a WARM UP this week! Today will still be chilly, but high pressure to the west will build in and gradually clear the skies:


Sunshine will help in getting temperatures into the lower 40s this afternoon. Normal highs are closer to 50-degrees, so we will still be running below average. On Tuesday, we will continue with sun… AND develop a more southerly flow. This will allow us to climb back above normal, and Tuesday looks to be a nice cool day! We will see highs near 57.

A small bump in the road mid-week: a front that will bring showers to the Miami Valley on Wednesday morning:


Temperatures will cool a bit, but still be near-normal during this time. Then, we will soar on Friday as we get back up near 60-degrees!


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  1. Anonymous says:

    “High Pressure” cancel. Skies will not clear at all today. Just don’t expect temperatures to rise much at all until overnight, making today’s forecast temperatures as a possible nighttime high.

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