Tara Hastings

Muggy with thunderstorms

June 2nd, 2014 at 5:44 pm by under Weather

A few showers and thunderstorms are popping around the Miami Valley right now.  A line of showers and storms in Indiana will be heading this way through the evening hours.  Best chance of rain will be through 1 am.

mon 8pmtue 8am

It was muggy today and it will continue to be muggy tonight.  When dew point values climb into the middle and upper 60′s humidity is high and it feels uncomfortable.

dew points

Dew points remain high for the start of Tuesday.  However we’ll see a brief break from the humidity on Tuesday night before they rise again for Wednesday.

dew point tue 8am dew point wed 8amdew point wed 2pm

Rain is possible again on Tuesday but it will be scattered in the afternoon.  I don’t think everyone in the Miami Valley will see rain but there’s a slight chance after 2pm of more showers developing.

tue 8am tue 1pm tue 6pm

Our focus then shifts to Wednesday.  A piece of energy in the upper levels of the atmosphere coupled with the warm moist at the surface will create the proper lift and instability for a large batch of showers and thunderstorms to form.  We’ll be watching two different systems.  The first one will move through early Wednesday morning and will produce strong storms in Iowa.

wed 8am

Depending on where this complex goes and if it holds together is still up in the air.  What we do know is another batch of showers and storms will develop during the afternoon and evening Wednesday.  Some of these storms may be on the stronger side and may bring us gusty winds and hail.

svr risk

Be sure to stay tuned to the forecast.



Unsettled weather pattern next week

June 1st, 2014 at 5:51 pm by under Weather

Wow what an amazing day!  We had lots of sunshine with a high of 86.  Humidity values weren’t too bad but there’s more humid air south of Dayton and it’s heading this way.


With the humidity and warmer temperatures there’s a slight chance a few showers will develop tonight but the best chance will be toward daybreak.


There will be several dry hours on Monday but another round of rain is possible in the afternoon and evening.


Showers and thunderstorms will be possible through Monday evening and into early Tuesday morning.


A cold front will pass through the area on Tuesday producing another round of showers and thunderstorms.


Rain is possible for several days next week.  We’ll be in an active pattern so be sure to keep the umbrella handy for the next several days.

rain percentage

We’re watching the storm potential on Wednesday closely.  There’s a chance some of the storms may be on the stronger side.  Stay tuned.



A great end to the weekend

May 31st, 2014 at 6:10 pm by under Weather

We saw a lot of sunshine across the area today!  There’s barely a cloud in the sky and that will continue through the evening.

almanac beavercreek

Highs tomorrow will be a few degrees warmer than today.  Humidity values will increase a bit through the afternoon.  If you have any yard work you need done Sunday will be a great day to do it.

yard work

Sunday will start with lots of sunshine and highs in the middle 80′s.  The higher temperatures and humidity will allow a slight chance for a few showers and storms to pop south of Dayton.  The best chance will be after 6pm Sunday.


There’s a better chance for showers and thunderstorms on Monday as a storm system heads this way.  Highs will continue to be in the middle 80′s with the best chance of rain in the afternoon.


Temperatures will remain in the 80′s for much of next week.


Along with the warmer air there are several chances for rain.  Keep the umbrella handy through much of the work week.


More humid with rain this week

May 26th, 2014 at 5:35 pm by under Weather

We were greeted with lots of sunshine today!  The hiking trails were packed today but I managed to find a parking spot and get my 3 mile hike completed.  Hopefully you were able to get out and enjoy the sunshine.  Now we’re seeing a few more clouds and even a few isolated showers across the Miami Valley.


We’ll see humidity levels increase tomorrow along with the chance for showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon.  Dew point values will increase into the middle 60′s for Tuesday and Wednesday.


We’ll see partly cloudy skies through much of the day tomorrow with highs once again in the 80′s.  Showers and thunderstorms become likely for the afternoon.


Rain will be likely again for Wednesday afternoon.


Rain will continue for the first half of the week.

rain percentage

High pressure builds into the area for next weekend.  This means highs in the 80′s and lots of sunshine.  Enjoy the week but bring along the umbrella!



Great weekend weather

May 25th, 2014 at 5:42 pm by under Weather

We had great weather this weekend and it will continue to be nice tomorrow.  Rain is in the forecast for the new work week though.

We saw lots of sunshine today with highs once again above normal.


High pressure continues to sit right over Ohio meaning clear skies once again tonight.


No matter how you’re observing Memorial Day much of the day will be dry.  We’ll start out with some sunshine for the first part of the day with clouds increasing for the afternoon.  There’s a slight chance for a few showers but not until the evening hours.


Humidity values will be pretty low on Monday but we’ll see our dew point values increase a bit for Tuesday.  This means it will feel a bit more humid.


With the increase in humidity the rain chances stick around for Tuesday.  There’s a chance of rain in the morning and again in the afternoon.


Rain will be a possibility for Wednesday too.  Temperatures stay in the 80′s for much of next week which is above normal.  Have a great week!


A gorgeous weekend

May 24th, 2014 at 5:46 pm by under Weather

We’re seeing great weather for the Memorial Day weekend!  It’s a fantastic way to kick off the summer season.  Today we saw lots of sunshine and highs in the 70′s.


We have high pressure right over Ohio and that’s keeping us nice and dry for the weekend.


If you’re heading home on Sunday you’ll see excellent driving conditions.  Don’t forget to grab the sunglasses.  Sunny skies will greet you east, west, north and south.


We’ll see a few clouds tonight and a few tomorrow.  Temperatures will rise a little more with highs near 80 for Sunday.


If you have any cookouts or outdoor plans on Memorial Day it will be warm and sunny.


Much of the day will be dry but there is a chance for rain after 7pm on Monday.


It will be warmer for much of next week but there is a chance for some rain Tuesday, Wednesday and part of Thursday.


I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Frost likely tonight

May 17th, 2014 at 5:19 pm by under Weather

We had a few showers pop across the Miami Valley today and some of them produced some very small hail.  Ted Taylor snapped this picture and sent it to us.


There’s a few showers around tonight but they will fall apart in the next few hours.

Skies become mostly clear tonight as high pressure slides into the area.  This will allow the winds to ease, skies to clear and temperatures to drop.  In fact frost is likely tonight.

There’s a frost advisory in effect from 2am Sunday through 10am.


If you do have any sensitive plants make sure to bring the pots in or cover them up.  Even though we’re expecting lows around 37 tonight these temperatures are measured five feet above the ground.  It’s likely temperatures at the ground may be around 32.

We’ll start out with sunny skies for Sunday morning but it will be chilly. High pressure keeps us dry and sunny for all of Sunday afternoon.  Temperatures will be in the middle 60′s.

Sun 7am Sun 5pm

Sunday night will be another chilly evening but temperatures should stay around 40.  Monday the same high keeps us mostly sunny.  Temperatures will be slightly warmer with highs approaching 70.

Mon 8am Mon 7pm

Temperatures continue to warm above normal for next week.


More scattered showers this weekend

May 9th, 2014 at 6:05 pm by under Weather

We had some light rain early this morning and we have the chance for more rain this evening.  Clouds are staying around for the evening hours.  If you’re heading out this evening we may see a couple of spotty showers but the better chance of rain will be overnight and early Saturday morning.

Fri 8pm Sat 7am

The rain ends around lunchtime on Saturday and we’ll see some sun for the afternoon.

sat 12 pm

Mother’s Day will be dry to start but we’ll see the chance for showers and thunderstorms by the end of the day.

Sun 8am Sun 7pm

Most of the day will be dry but if you have evening plans make sure you bring the umbrella with you Sunday late afternoon and evening.

mothers day

Our normal high for this time of year is 70 and we’ll be slightly above that this weekend.  Temperatures stay above normal through early next week.

850 temps warm

Cooler temperatures settle into the Miami Valley next week.  Temperatures will drop to the 60′s for highs and 40′s for lows.

Have a great weekend!

Showers possible but warmer temps on the way

May 3rd, 2014 at 6:06 pm by under Weather

We ended up having some sunshine for the afternoon but it was a bit breezy through the entire day.  Highs made it to near normal conditions even with the breezy winds.


Wind speeds were about 10-20 mph with gusts near 30mph.

wind speed

Winds will begin to die down later tonight.  While they won’t be as strong strong tomorrow we’ll still see breezy conditions.

sun 7am winds sun 6pm winds

We’ll start off with dry conditions early Sunday but another chance for rain moves into the area for the afternoon.

sun 6am sun 5pm

Rain chances stick around for Monday.  Finally we’ll be able to take the scattered showers out of the forecast for a few days.  Temperatures begin to warm for next week with highs approaching 80 degrees.

next week temperatures last time we hit 80

Have a great weekend!


Warmer for the weekend

May 2nd, 2014 at 5:27 pm by under Weather

We had some sun this morning but the clouds really took over and that’s how we’ll end the day.

beavercreek cam

There’s a slight chance we may see a few spotty showers through the evening hours and again early Saturday morning.  If we do see the rain it will be on the light side.

Our jet stream or storm track has been dipping out of the northwest the last couple of days and that trend will continue tonight and tomorrow.  This will keep us cool.  However our jet stream changes and this will allow for temperatures to warm up for the weekend.

500 cooler 500 warmer

Highs will still be below normal but they’ll be a bit warmer than there were today.

this weekend temperatures

If you’re heading out to grab a bite to eat you may encounter a spotty shower.  There’s a better chance of showers early Saturday morning.

fri 11pm sat 6am

The showers should rap up right around lunchtime and we’ll see some sunshine for the afternoon.  It will also be pretty breezy on Saturday with winds out of the southwest at 10-20 mph.

sat 12pm sat  6pm

For Sunday we’ll start out with dry conditions but there’s a chance for a few showers for the afternoon.  Temperatures again will be in the middle 60′s.

sun 8am sun 1pm

Hope you have a great weekend!


A great weekend

April 26th, 2014 at 6:12 pm by under Weather

I hope you enjoyed this gorgeous day! We saw highs in the 70′s with lots of sunshine.


We’re going to see a few passing clouds through the night.  Temperatures will drop into the 40′s overnight.

A storm system to our west will eventually head this way late Sunday night and bring us rain chance Sunday night and into much of next week.

surface map

Tomorrow there’s a slight chance we may see a few spotty showers in the morning but the better chance will be late Sunday night and through much of the day Monday. Sunday will be dry for the most part in the afternoon with highs near 70.

Sun 6am Sun 5pm

That slow moving storm system to our west finally makes it here late Sunday night and will be with us through much of next week. Keep the rain gear handy through the entire day Monday.

Mon 7am Monday 7pm

It looks like our severe risk will be very minimal on Sunday.  However the elevated category reaches the southern Miami Valley by Monday.

severe risk sunday severe risk monday

Showers will continue into Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  Keep the umbrella handy and make sure you stay tuned to the forecast.

Enjoy your Sunday!



A warm and sunny Easter

April 20th, 2014 at 5:50 pm by under Weather

I hope you had a wonderful day!  I really couldn’t have forecasted a better Sunday.  We had tons of sunshine and temperatures in the 70′s.


I had a few photos from viewers around the Miami Valley.  Brad Livesay our Digital Manger sent one of his son Owen wearing his sunglasses.  His sister Lily is in the background.

Pic 1

Linda in Eaton sent in a photo of the beautiful skyline.  Lots of sun in the sky today!

Linda Bruins Eaton2

I have noticed there a lot of budding trees around the Miami Valley.  The pollen count is a bit high especially for trees.  So if you’re having any allergy symptoms it’s likely due to the tree pollen.

pollen count

High pressure keeps us clear and dry tonight.  A cold front is west of us and will head this way late Monday night and early Tuesday morning.


Grab the sunglasses for Monday.  We’ll start out with lots of sunshine and temperatures in the 50′s. Clouds will increase later in the afternoon as the cold front approaches.  Highs will still be in the middle 70′s.

mon 8am mon 5pm

There’s a chance for a few showers to develop in the late evening as the cold front gets closer.  The best chance will be around midnight.

tue 4amtue 8amtue 7pm

Temperatures will fall a little into the 60′s for Tuesday after the cold front passes.  High pressure builds across the area for Wednesday meaning lots of sunshine.

Have a great week!

A sunny and warm Easter

April 19th, 2014 at 6:29 pm by under Weather

We had a fantastic day today!  I hope you were able to enjoy it outside with your friends and family.

Temperatures were in the 60′s today which is near normal.


Tomorrow is going to be even better.  Highs will be in the 70′s with lots of sunshine.

Easter Forecast

Since records have been kept for Dayton (1895) the temperature spread for Easter has been pretty even.

Easter Climo 2 Easter Climo

We’ll see clear, dry and cool conditions tonight.     There’s a front to the west of us but that won’t get here until Monday night.


This means lots of sunshine for Easter morning and for the afternoon.

Sun 8am Sun 5pm

The cold front makes some progress eastward by Monday evening.  Monday will be dry with highs in the 70′s but late Monday night there’s a chance for rain lasting into Tuesday.

Mon 8am Mon 7pm

Have a fantastic weekend!

Fantastic weather this weekend

April 11th, 2014 at 6:24 pm by under Weather

After morning rain showers we saw some sun breaking through the clouds this afternoon.  It really was a gorgeous day with highs and lows above normal.


If you have any late evening plans skies will begin to clear and temperatures will slowly fall into the 50′s.

Temperatures will fall into the middle 40′s by Saturday morning.  We’ll start off with lots of sunshine and see a few clouds later in the afternoon.

Sat 8am Sat 5pm

There’s a slight chance we may see an isolated shower pop in the afternoon as the warm front moves northward.  If they do form they will be light and spotty.

Temperatures will be in the low to middle 70′s on Saturday and a few degrees warmer on Sunday.

We’re going to see a very breezy weekend with winds out of the south and southwest at 10-20 mph.

Winds sat 6pm Winds Sun 6pm

The breezy winds are going to pick up some of the pollen.  If you have allergies especially to trees you may need to grab the tissue.

top pollen pollen count

The winds increase Sunday as a cold front approaches.  Ahead of the front we will be dry but as the front approaches Monday we’ll see a good chance of rain.

Sun 8am Sun 7pm

There is some pretty cold air behind the front.  We *may* see a few wet snowflakes Monday night and Tuesday morning if the cold air arrives before the batch of rain moves eastward.  Apparently winter isn’t finished just yet.



More rain on the way

April 7th, 2014 at 7:14 am by under Weather

We are starting off dry across most of the area however showers are possible as an area of low pressure heads northward.

sat image

Rain will be likely through the day.  The best chance for a bursts of heavy rain and thunderstorms is between 12-3pm. Some of these storms may produce some gusty winds and hail.

mon 8am mon 2pm

Rain will be a little more scattered in nature later tonight.

mon 7pm

Rain may be heavy at times and we may see another half inch to three quarters of an inch of rainfall.  We’re already above normal for the month of April and we’re only a week into the month.

almanac rainfall rainfall amounts

Winds will not be as gusty this afternoon however as the area of low pressure gets closer to us the winds will increase.

winds mon 6pmwinds tue 5am


There’s a chance for a few showers later tonight but we should start off Tuesday on the dry side.

tue 7am tue 3pm

Have a great day!



A chilly morning but a warmer afternoon

April 5th, 2014 at 6:10 pm by under Weather

After a soggy start to our Friday morning it was great to wake up to sunshine this morning.  We have high pressure over the Miami Valley producing light winds and tons of sunshine.


Temperatures were cool this morning and for the afternoon.  We were below normal today but will be a little closer to normal tomorrow.


Lows will again be chilly tonight with readings below normal.


High pressure keeps us clear but chilly tonight.  We’ll start your Sunday with sunny skies before clouds increase late Sunday evening.


By Sunday evening clouds increase ahead of our next storm system.  We’ll see mostly cloudy skies Sunday night with rain developing after midnight.


Rain will continue through much of Monday as low pressure tracks through Ohio.


We’ll see the potential for another half inch to inch of rainfall.  Seems like we’re getting a lot of April showers – hopefully we’ll get a lot of May flowers!


Heavy rainfall this morning

April 4th, 2014 at 5:47 am by under Weather

The thunder may have woke you up this morning as a batch of heavy rain moves through the Miami Valley.  The good news is the severe thunderstorms will stay south of us.  We’ll still see very heavy rainfall, gusty winds and foggy conditions.

Visibility is dropping to 1-2 miles.  Watch out for patchy fog this morning


We saw 1-2 inches of rainfall yesterday and we may see an additional 1-2 inches of rain today.  Because of this rainfall we have a Flood Advisory in effect for Dayton.


Some roadways that are prone to high water may be closed today.  Make sure you “turn around, don’t drown” if you see a flooded roadway.


The batch of heavy rain will be here through 8am and will move eastward just before noon.


The winds are going to be gusty today too.  We have a Wind Advisory in effect until this afternoon as a cold front moves through.  This will produce wind gusts near 40 mph.


By 5pm for the evening rush the rain will be gone and we may see a few breaks in the clouds.  Temperatures will start out in the 60′s this morning then fall into the 50′s by the afternoon as a cold front moves through.


Skies become clear over night as high pressure builds into the area for the weekend.  That means dry conditions and sunshine for Saturday and Sunday.

sat 7am SAT 5PM

Temperatures will be in the 30′s tonight and Sunday morning.  So it will be cool but it will be dry for the weekend.  We’re tracking another storm system that will bring more rain to the Miami Valley for Monday.



Strong storms possible today and tonight

April 3rd, 2014 at 6:29 am by under Weather

We’re tracking two batches of showers and thunderstorms.  One will move through today along a warm front the other along a cold front later tonight and early Friday morning. We’re under an elevated risk of severe weather today and early tomorrow morning.

todays outlookfriday outlook

The main threat will be strong winds, some hail and very heavy rainfall.

severe wx parameters

There is a flood watch in effect for most of the area until Friday morning.  We have the potential to see 2-4 inches of rain from both of these batches of rain.

flood watch

This morning we’re seeing some scattered showers ahead of the main line of storms that’s in western Illinois as of 6am.  The rain we’re seeing today is along a warm front.  The heavy batch of showers and thunderstorms will move through between 11am and 2pm.  So grab the rain gear if you’re heading south to see the Reds.

thu 8am thu 5pm

reds forecast

It appears we may get a break shortly after the evening rush hour.  Thunderstorms will become scattered around 6pm which means we may have a dry first pitch for the Dayton Dragons home opener!  Be prepared for the possibility of rain though just in case one of those scattered showers sticks around.

dayton dragons

Later tonight and tomorrow morning we will be tracking the cold front that will move through the area.  This will bring us round 2 of showers and thunderstorms.

fri 6am

Some of these storms may be strong and produce gusty winds and heavy rainfall.  We may see some very heavy rain at times.  Total amounts will approach 2 to 4 inches.

rainfall amounts

Once the front moves through tomorrow morning we will see conditions improve Friday afternoon and for the weekend. Fri 5pm

High pressure builds into the area for the weekend.  This will bring cooler temperatures for Saturday but a lot of sunshine for the entire weekend.

sat 7am

Have a great day and stay weather aware!


Rain today, rain tomorrow and rain Friday

April 2nd, 2014 at 6:36 am by under Weather

We’re starting out with some rain showers across parts of the Miami Valley this morning.  Some areas north of Dayton have already picked up a half to three quarters of an inch.  We’ll see some rain this morning, a lull for part of the day before more rain moves this way tonight.


Soggy conditions continue for the rest of the week.  More rain moves into the area on Thursday and Friday.  Thunderstorms are possible Thursday and some of them may be on the stronger side.  Right now we are under an elevated risk of severe weather.

severe weather threat rain percentage

Clouds stick around through much of the day and into the night.  Rain which may be heavy at times develops again tonight and into Thursday afternoon.


This storm system is taking its time moving through our area.  On the northwest side of the low pressure, Wisconsin, Upper Michigan and parts of Minnesota will be seeing snow.  For us all rain and a lot of it.  Many areas have the potential to pick up 2-4 inches of rainfall.  Some may surpass four inches within those heavier thunderstorms.

FRI 7AMrainfall forecast

I do have good news for the weekend.  Sunny skies return!  Temperatures do drop into the 50′s for Saturday and Sunday.




More sunshine for the afternoon

April 1st, 2014 at 6:40 am by under Weather

We had a few showers this morning around the Miami Valley but they are now east of the area.  We’ll see mostly cloudy conditions for the first half of the day but look for more sunshine for the afternoon.

A weak cold front brought the light showers and clouds this morning.  It will be east of the area by the afternoon.


If you have any outdoor activities today is the day to do it.  Clouds increase later tonight and rain is likely through the end of the week.

rain percentage

Temperatures stay above normal for this time of the year.


We’re tracking another storm system that will bring us the chance for rain on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.
Clouds increase later tonight with a few showers possible after midnight.  Look for cloudy skies with on and off showers for Wednesday.


As the storm system gets closer there’s a better chance of rain on Thursday and Friday.  Some of the rain may be heavy at times.


The monthly outlook for April from the Climate Prediction Center came out yesterday.  It looks like we have the chance for seeing above normal precipitation with below normal temperatures.


Have a great day!