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The heat is on

June 16th, 2014 at 6:11 pm by under Weather

I hope you had a wonderful weekend!  We had lots of sunshine and warm temperatures.  I went to Caesars Creek State Park and went on a long but gorgeous hike.  There were many people who enjoyed water skiing and swimming in the lake.

We got a great picture sent to us.  Don’t forget you can always send your photos via reportit@wdtn.com on our website. Thanks for sharing!


Today we saw some thunderstorms pop earlier this afternoon.  All of those storms have moved eastward but there’s still a slim chance we may see an isolated storm pop this evening but most of us should remain dry.


We started out this morning with dew point values in the lower 60′s but they quickly jumped into the upper 60′s and near 70 for the afternoon.


It’s going to be a while before the humidity ends.  Dew point values will stay in the upper 60′s and lower 70′s for the next several days.  This means it’s going to be hot and humid in the afternoon and muggy at night.  The AC unit will be getting a work out for much of the week.

dew points tue 5pmdew points wed 9 am

We will see the potential to reach 90 degrees a couple times this week.  The last time we hit 90 was in September of last year.

the heat is on

We’ll see sunshine to start Tuesday with a few clouds in the afternoon.  It looks like we’ll be dry.  If thunderstorms do pop they’ll be widely scattered.

tue 9amtue 6pm

There’s a much better chance of rain on Wednesday afternoon.  With highs again in the lower 90′s.

wed 8am Wed 7pm

Stay cool this week!


A fantastic weekend

June 13th, 2014 at 4:55 am by under Weather

Wow we have a great weekend forecasted around the Miami Valley!  Lots of sunshine and warmer temperatures will head this way.  First we have to get through clouds and a few showers this morning.

We’re tracking a cold front moving through the Miami Valley this morning.  Look for lots of clouds and a slight chance for a few showers from now until about 11am.

fri 8am

Skies will become mostly clear by the afternoon with lower humidity values.  Dew points to the west of us are in the 40′s and 50′s.

midwest dew pointsfri 7pm

Saturday morning will start off with clear skies and cool temperatures.  Readings will drop into the upper 40′s and lower 50′s early Saturday.  So if you have any late night plans tonight or early Saturday morning grab the light jacket or sweater.  By the afternoon Saturday will be great with highs a bit warmer into the middle and upper 70′s.

sat 8amSat 5pm

This may be one of the best graphics Brian Davis has ever left me.  If you’re heading to Versailles this weekend for Poultry Days it’s going to be great.  Great theme folks “Cluck Dynasty.”

poultry days

Temperatures do rise on Sunday.  If you have any Father’s Day plans outside it will be great!  Look for lots of sunshine with highs climbing into the 80′s on Sunday.

fathers day

By the way – today is Friday the 13th AND we have a full moon!  The next full moon on a Friday the 13th won’t happen for another 35 years.

Fri 13th moon

Have a WONDERFULL weekend!!!


More humid today with showers

June 11th, 2014 at 5:36 am by under Weather

Today may not be the greatest hair day.  We have higher humidity now that a warm front has lifted north of the area.   Dew point values are in the middle 60′s which means it feels a little sticky out there.

dew points

The warm front brought us showers and thunderstorms yesterday.  Dayton picked up about a quarter of an inch but three quarters of an inch feel in Wilmington.

48 hr rainfall total

We have an area of low pressure to the south and west of us.  The warm front is now north of the Miami Valley.  This means more humid conditions and the chance for a shower or storm to pop anytime today.

surface map

Look for partly to mostly cloudy skies today with dry conditions around 8am.  Later in the afternoon there’s a chance for showers and storms.

wed noonwed 5pmwed 7pm

There’s a slight chance for a few showers on Thursday and early Friday morning but we’re in store for a great weekend!  High pressure builds across the area for Saturday producing lots of sunshine with highs near 80.



Rain today and tonight

June 10th, 2014 at 5:11 am by under Weather

Good Tuesday morning!  We have some rain developing south of the Miami Valley.

Here’s the radar picture at 5am:

5am radar

Rain will be light to moderate for the first part of the morning.  Clouds will stick around for much of the day with temperatures in the low to middle 70′s.

tue 8am tue 12pm

Rain becomes a bit more scattered around the lunch hour through about 2pm.  Another round of showers with some thunderstorms will develop after the dinner hour.

tue 5pm tue 7pm

The rain tonight may be heavy at times.  If you’re heading to the Dayton Dragons or the Reds games be sure to pack the poncho.

dayton dragons

Low pressure sticks around the area for the day tomorrow.  A warm front will lift northward and that means we’ll feel the humidity rise a little more Wednesday with showers and thunderstorms possible.

wed 3pm

Have a great day!




Dry today but a wet week ahead

June 9th, 2014 at 5:46 am by under Weather

Some patchy fog this morning.  Visibilities are sitting at 3-6 miles in many locations.


Look for partly to mostly cloudy skies through the day.  We’ll see some breaks in the clouds today from time to time.  Highs will be near normal in the upper 70′s close to 80.


If you’re heading to Great American Ball Park we’ll see dry conditions with temperatures int he 70′s.


We’re tracking an area of low pressure that will bring us a good chance of showers and thunderstorms through the day tomorrow.


Showers and storms will continue for the next couple of days.

rain percentage

We’ll see the chance for another 1-2 inches total for the week.  This will continue to add to our June monthly rainfall total.


Have a wonderful day!

Some showers to end the weekend

June 7th, 2014 at 5:28 pm by under Weather

What a fantastic day with lots of sunshine and highs in the lower 80′s.  There’s a storm system off to our west.  In a few hours you’ll begin to see the clouds increase as this storm gets a littler closer to us.

sat rad

The rest of the evening will be dry just increasing clouds.  The best chance of rain will come after midnight.

sat 8pm sun 2am

There’s a chance for a few showers especially early in the morning.  Between about 2am and 10am Sunday will be the best chance of rain.  Showers will be come a bit more scattered through about 2pm.  The rain finally begins to taper off for the later half of the afternoon.  We may even break into a little sunshine by the late afternoon.

sun 8am sun 2pm

I don’t think it’s going to be a complete wash out but if you’re heading to Troy for the Strawberry Festival grab the umbrella just in case.

strawberry forecast

It will be dry for Sunday night and the first part of Monday.  Temperatures again will be around normal.

Mon 6amMon 3pm

Another storm system heads this way for Tuesday.  It will bring us a chance for rain with highs in the upper 70′s.  Rain chances continue for the first part of next week.

Have a great weekend!

A 50/50 weekend

June 6th, 2014 at 5:54 pm by under Weather

As I was running errands before work this afternoon and couldn’t find a cloud in the sky!  We have high pressure overhead and that means we have clear skies, low humidity and near normal temperatures.

beavercreek cam almanac

We’re going to see another quiet night with temperatures falling into the middle 50′s under clear skies.  We’ll see lots of sunshine for Saturday but we’re tracking an area of low pressure that will bring us rain for Sunday.

sat 9am sat 6pm

If you have any outdoor activities or festivals you want to go to Saturday may be the better day.

strawberry festival

The best chance of rain will be after midnight Saturday and into the first part of Sunday.  Right now it looks like 1am to 9 or 10am is the best chance of rain.   Sunday won’t be a complete wash out but there will be the chance for a few scattered showers in the afternoon.

sun 8amsun 7pm

Have a WONDERFUL weekend!!


Clear and cool

June 5th, 2014 at 6:13 pm by under Weather

We had a GREAT day today with highs around normal and lots of sunshine!  The high humidity we’ve been seeing the last few days is now gone.


The area picked up about 1-2 inches of rainfall yesterday but officially at the Dayton airport 0.75″ was in the bucket.  Dayton is still above normal precipitation for June.

rainfall monthly rainfall

We have high pressure influencing our weather the next few days meaning clear skies and low humidity.  Tonight temperatures will drop into the lower 50′s for most locations.

fri 9am fri 6pm

Look for lots of sunshine for the area with dry conditions through much of Ohio.  Saturday will be much like Friday with highs in the lower 80′s and lots of sunshine.

sat 8am sat 7pm

We’re watching a storm system that will head this way on Sunday.  So if you’re doing any outdoor activities Saturday is the day to do it.  If you’re going to the Troy Strawberry Festival this weekend here’s your forecast.

strawberry festival



Severe weather threat Wednesday

June 3rd, 2014 at 8:13 pm by under Weather

After a muggy start we’re seeing humidity values decrease this evening.  Dew points (that’s the measurement of how much moisture is in the air) are now in the 50′s which means it’s comfortable.

current dew points

But these comfortable dew points are going to last for long.  They’ll creep right back into the upper 60′s and lower 70′s for tomorrow.

dew points wed 5pm
One of the reasons why we’re going to see our dew points increase is all due to what we call a low level jet.  This is a plume of moisture that’s going to be transported northward thanks to strong winds in the lower levels of the atmosphere.  This is going to help fuel thunderstorms for Wednesday.

Right now there’s severe thunderstorms forming in Iowa and Nebraska.  They’re seeing VERY heavy rainfall, tornadoes, hail and strong winds.  This is the same complex we’ll be tracking for tomorrow.  This will eventually turn into an MCS or mesoscale convective system.  Basically a large batch of thunderstorms.  This system will eventually track eastward into Illinois and Indiana.   There’s two things helping to aid in our severe weather threat tomorrow.  The upper level winds and the low level jet.

svr storm set up

One thing we’re going to have to watch is this MCS.  If it holds together it will be west of Indy by early tomorrow morning.  Some of the computer models we’re watching has it sticking together and moving through Dayton while others are suggesting it will fade away and allow for another strong line of thunderstorms to develop just west of Ohio and move eastward.  Either way we still run the chance for seeing strong storms tomorrow.

The main threats are very strong winds and hail but isolated tornadoes and flooding aren’t out of the question.

svr wx parameterssvr risk

Tomorrow morning we’ll start off with low humidity values and some sunshine.

Wed 8 am

By the lunch hour we’ll see the chance for showers and storms to develop to our west.  The best chance of severe storms will begin around 3 or 4pm and track eastward by 6pm.

Wed 2pm wed 6pm

The storms will head out of our area by the late evening hours.

thu 1am

Thursday actually looks good with some sunshine, lower humidity values and highs in the 70′s.

Stay safe and be sure to be weather aware tomorrow!  Sign up for text alerts, make sure your phones are charged and ready to go.   Jamie will have the latest tomorrow morning and I’ll be watching things closely too!


Muggy with thunderstorms

June 2nd, 2014 at 5:44 pm by under Weather

A few showers and thunderstorms are popping around the Miami Valley right now.  A line of showers and storms in Indiana will be heading this way through the evening hours.  Best chance of rain will be through 1 am.

mon 8pmtue 8am

It was muggy today and it will continue to be muggy tonight.  When dew point values climb into the middle and upper 60′s humidity is high and it feels uncomfortable.

dew points

Dew points remain high for the start of Tuesday.  However we’ll see a brief break from the humidity on Tuesday night before they rise again for Wednesday.

dew point tue 8am dew point wed 8amdew point wed 2pm

Rain is possible again on Tuesday but it will be scattered in the afternoon.  I don’t think everyone in the Miami Valley will see rain but there’s a slight chance after 2pm of more showers developing.

tue 8am tue 1pm tue 6pm

Our focus then shifts to Wednesday.  A piece of energy in the upper levels of the atmosphere coupled with the warm moist at the surface will create the proper lift and instability for a large batch of showers and thunderstorms to form.  We’ll be watching two different systems.  The first one will move through early Wednesday morning and will produce strong storms in Iowa.

wed 8am

Depending on where this complex goes and if it holds together is still up in the air.  What we do know is another batch of showers and storms will develop during the afternoon and evening Wednesday.  Some of these storms may be on the stronger side and may bring us gusty winds and hail.

svr risk

Be sure to stay tuned to the forecast.



Unsettled weather pattern next week

June 1st, 2014 at 5:51 pm by under Weather

Wow what an amazing day!  We had lots of sunshine with a high of 86.  Humidity values weren’t too bad but there’s more humid air south of Dayton and it’s heading this way.


With the humidity and warmer temperatures there’s a slight chance a few showers will develop tonight but the best chance will be toward daybreak.


There will be several dry hours on Monday but another round of rain is possible in the afternoon and evening.


Showers and thunderstorms will be possible through Monday evening and into early Tuesday morning.


A cold front will pass through the area on Tuesday producing another round of showers and thunderstorms.


Rain is possible for several days next week.  We’ll be in an active pattern so be sure to keep the umbrella handy for the next several days.

rain percentage

We’re watching the storm potential on Wednesday closely.  There’s a chance some of the storms may be on the stronger side.  Stay tuned.



A great end to the weekend

May 31st, 2014 at 6:10 pm by under Weather

We saw a lot of sunshine across the area today!  There’s barely a cloud in the sky and that will continue through the evening.

almanac beavercreek

Highs tomorrow will be a few degrees warmer than today.  Humidity values will increase a bit through the afternoon.  If you have any yard work you need done Sunday will be a great day to do it.

yard work

Sunday will start with lots of sunshine and highs in the middle 80′s.  The higher temperatures and humidity will allow a slight chance for a few showers and storms to pop south of Dayton.  The best chance will be after 6pm Sunday.


There’s a better chance for showers and thunderstorms on Monday as a storm system heads this way.  Highs will continue to be in the middle 80′s with the best chance of rain in the afternoon.


Temperatures will remain in the 80′s for much of next week.


Along with the warmer air there are several chances for rain.  Keep the umbrella handy through much of the work week.


More humid with rain this week

May 26th, 2014 at 5:35 pm by under Weather

We were greeted with lots of sunshine today!  The hiking trails were packed today but I managed to find a parking spot and get my 3 mile hike completed.  Hopefully you were able to get out and enjoy the sunshine.  Now we’re seeing a few more clouds and even a few isolated showers across the Miami Valley.


We’ll see humidity levels increase tomorrow along with the chance for showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon.  Dew point values will increase into the middle 60′s for Tuesday and Wednesday.


We’ll see partly cloudy skies through much of the day tomorrow with highs once again in the 80′s.  Showers and thunderstorms become likely for the afternoon.


Rain will be likely again for Wednesday afternoon.


Rain will continue for the first half of the week.

rain percentage

High pressure builds into the area for next weekend.  This means highs in the 80′s and lots of sunshine.  Enjoy the week but bring along the umbrella!



Great weekend weather

May 25th, 2014 at 5:42 pm by under Weather

We had great weather this weekend and it will continue to be nice tomorrow.  Rain is in the forecast for the new work week though.

We saw lots of sunshine today with highs once again above normal.


High pressure continues to sit right over Ohio meaning clear skies once again tonight.


No matter how you’re observing Memorial Day much of the day will be dry.  We’ll start out with some sunshine for the first part of the day with clouds increasing for the afternoon.  There’s a slight chance for a few showers but not until the evening hours.


Humidity values will be pretty low on Monday but we’ll see our dew point values increase a bit for Tuesday.  This means it will feel a bit more humid.


With the increase in humidity the rain chances stick around for Tuesday.  There’s a chance of rain in the morning and again in the afternoon.


Rain will be a possibility for Wednesday too.  Temperatures stay in the 80′s for much of next week which is above normal.  Have a great week!


A gorgeous weekend

May 24th, 2014 at 5:46 pm by under Weather

We’re seeing great weather for the Memorial Day weekend!  It’s a fantastic way to kick off the summer season.  Today we saw lots of sunshine and highs in the 70′s.


We have high pressure right over Ohio and that’s keeping us nice and dry for the weekend.


If you’re heading home on Sunday you’ll see excellent driving conditions.  Don’t forget to grab the sunglasses.  Sunny skies will greet you east, west, north and south.


We’ll see a few clouds tonight and a few tomorrow.  Temperatures will rise a little more with highs near 80 for Sunday.


If you have any cookouts or outdoor plans on Memorial Day it will be warm and sunny.


Much of the day will be dry but there is a chance for rain after 7pm on Monday.


It will be warmer for much of next week but there is a chance for some rain Tuesday, Wednesday and part of Thursday.


I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Frost likely tonight

May 17th, 2014 at 5:19 pm by under Weather

We had a few showers pop across the Miami Valley today and some of them produced some very small hail.  Ted Taylor snapped this picture and sent it to us.


There’s a few showers around tonight but they will fall apart in the next few hours.

Skies become mostly clear tonight as high pressure slides into the area.  This will allow the winds to ease, skies to clear and temperatures to drop.  In fact frost is likely tonight.

There’s a frost advisory in effect from 2am Sunday through 10am.


If you do have any sensitive plants make sure to bring the pots in or cover them up.  Even though we’re expecting lows around 37 tonight these temperatures are measured five feet above the ground.  It’s likely temperatures at the ground may be around 32.

We’ll start out with sunny skies for Sunday morning but it will be chilly. High pressure keeps us dry and sunny for all of Sunday afternoon.  Temperatures will be in the middle 60′s.

Sun 7am Sun 5pm

Sunday night will be another chilly evening but temperatures should stay around 40.  Monday the same high keeps us mostly sunny.  Temperatures will be slightly warmer with highs approaching 70.

Mon 8am Mon 7pm

Temperatures continue to warm above normal for next week.


More scattered showers this weekend

May 9th, 2014 at 6:05 pm by under Weather

We had some light rain early this morning and we have the chance for more rain this evening.  Clouds are staying around for the evening hours.  If you’re heading out this evening we may see a couple of spotty showers but the better chance of rain will be overnight and early Saturday morning.

Fri 8pm Sat 7am

The rain ends around lunchtime on Saturday and we’ll see some sun for the afternoon.

sat 12 pm

Mother’s Day will be dry to start but we’ll see the chance for showers and thunderstorms by the end of the day.

Sun 8am Sun 7pm

Most of the day will be dry but if you have evening plans make sure you bring the umbrella with you Sunday late afternoon and evening.

mothers day

Our normal high for this time of year is 70 and we’ll be slightly above that this weekend.  Temperatures stay above normal through early next week.

850 temps warm

Cooler temperatures settle into the Miami Valley next week.  Temperatures will drop to the 60′s for highs and 40′s for lows.

Have a great weekend!

Showers possible but warmer temps on the way

May 3rd, 2014 at 6:06 pm by under Weather

We ended up having some sunshine for the afternoon but it was a bit breezy through the entire day.  Highs made it to near normal conditions even with the breezy winds.


Wind speeds were about 10-20 mph with gusts near 30mph.

wind speed

Winds will begin to die down later tonight.  While they won’t be as strong strong tomorrow we’ll still see breezy conditions.

sun 7am winds sun 6pm winds

We’ll start off with dry conditions early Sunday but another chance for rain moves into the area for the afternoon.

sun 6am sun 5pm

Rain chances stick around for Monday.  Finally we’ll be able to take the scattered showers out of the forecast for a few days.  Temperatures begin to warm for next week with highs approaching 80 degrees.

next week temperatures last time we hit 80

Have a great weekend!


Warmer for the weekend

May 2nd, 2014 at 5:27 pm by under Weather

We had some sun this morning but the clouds really took over and that’s how we’ll end the day.

beavercreek cam

There’s a slight chance we may see a few spotty showers through the evening hours and again early Saturday morning.  If we do see the rain it will be on the light side.

Our jet stream or storm track has been dipping out of the northwest the last couple of days and that trend will continue tonight and tomorrow.  This will keep us cool.  However our jet stream changes and this will allow for temperatures to warm up for the weekend.

500 cooler 500 warmer

Highs will still be below normal but they’ll be a bit warmer than there were today.

this weekend temperatures

If you’re heading out to grab a bite to eat you may encounter a spotty shower.  There’s a better chance of showers early Saturday morning.

fri 11pm sat 6am

The showers should rap up right around lunchtime and we’ll see some sunshine for the afternoon.  It will also be pretty breezy on Saturday with winds out of the southwest at 10-20 mph.

sat 12pm sat  6pm

For Sunday we’ll start out with dry conditions but there’s a chance for a few showers for the afternoon.  Temperatures again will be in the middle 60′s.

sun 8am sun 1pm

Hope you have a great weekend!


A great weekend

April 26th, 2014 at 6:12 pm by under Weather

I hope you enjoyed this gorgeous day! We saw highs in the 70′s with lots of sunshine.


We’re going to see a few passing clouds through the night.  Temperatures will drop into the 40′s overnight.

A storm system to our west will eventually head this way late Sunday night and bring us rain chance Sunday night and into much of next week.

surface map

Tomorrow there’s a slight chance we may see a few spotty showers in the morning but the better chance will be late Sunday night and through much of the day Monday. Sunday will be dry for the most part in the afternoon with highs near 70.

Sun 6am Sun 5pm

That slow moving storm system to our west finally makes it here late Sunday night and will be with us through much of next week. Keep the rain gear handy through the entire day Monday.

Mon 7am Monday 7pm

It looks like our severe risk will be very minimal on Sunday.  However the elevated category reaches the southern Miami Valley by Monday.

severe risk sunday severe risk monday

Showers will continue into Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  Keep the umbrella handy and make sure you stay tuned to the forecast.

Enjoy your Sunday!