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Warming for the end of the week

December 18th, 2013 at 7:05 am by under Weather

Another chilly start this morning with temperatures in the teens and 20′s.  Wind chill values are in the lower teens.  We’re seeing some clouds around the area right now but after several cloudy days we’ll finally see the sun today!

Despite the sunshine it will still be breezy and chilly today.

850 temps

Winds will be a bit breezy the next several days.  Wind speeds today will be 10-15 mph with increasing winds later tonight.

wind speeds wed 8pmwind speeds thu 8pm

Today we’ll see dry conditions and little clouds by the afternoon.  But clouds increase later tonight and throughout the day on Thursday.

wed 8amwed 6pm

We’re tracking a large storm that will warm our temperatures well above normal and also bring us rain for the weekend.

above normal highs on Friday

Our snow pack will diminish quickly with temperatures approaching the 50′s.

warming trend

We’re going to be on the warm side of this storm system.  Rain will begin late Thursday night and will continue for Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  If you’re traveling north and west this weekend stay tuned to the forecast.  There’s a chance for snow around the Great Lakes.

thu 5pm  fri 7am

Temperatures will continue to be in the lower 50′s for much of the weekend.

850 temps 2

There are a few things we’re watching for the weekend.  With temperatures well above normal, snow melting and 1-3 inches of rain there’s a potential for minor flooding.

flooding potential

Have a great Wednesday!


Snow showers today rain later in the week

December 17th, 2013 at 7:03 am by under Weather

This morning is much quieter compared to yesterday morning.  We do have some patchy fog across portions of the Miami Valley.  Temperatures are in the 20′s with wind chill values in the teens.


Quiet this morning with clouds skies for much of the day.

Tue 8am

By 1pm we’ll still see the clouds around the area but snow showers will be off to the west.

tue 1pm tue 6pm

We’ll see some snow showers around the evening rush.  Some of these snow showers may reduce visibilities at times.  Accumulations will be minor but as we saw with Monday morning an inch of snow can cause slow downs on the highways.

snowfall forecast

Snow has been pretty common not only this month but also for the season.  We’re well above normal for the month and season.

december snowfall snowiest decembers

We’ve been cloudy for several days but finally the sun comes out on Wednesday.

wed 8amwed 2pm

Temperatures will be the big story for the end of the week.  A cold front will approach the Miami Valley by the end of the week.  This front will bring warm air north.  Temperatures will rise to the upper 40′s and near 50 by the weekend.  Will also see a good chance of rain Friday and Saturday.  Looks like our snow pack will be gone.


More light snow today

December 16th, 2013 at 7:08 am by under Weather

We’re seeing some light snow this morning and that could create some icy spots.  We do have a few school delays this morning.  They are scrolling at the bottom of the screen or you can click here for a full list.

Light snow will continue this morning.  It will be light with accumulations around an inch or so.


We’ll see some slippery spots especially on the side streets and in rural locations.


Snow will taper off just before noon.  We’ll see cloudy skies with a few flurries possible this evening.



Another weak disturbance pushes through the area on Tuesday.  This will bring another chance for some light snow.


We’re going to be chilly here for the next two days but there’s warmer temperatures for the end of the week.

850 TEMPS 1850 TEMPS 2

A strong cold front moves into the area for the end of the week bringing warmer temperatures and rain.  We’ll see our snow diminish however colder air returns and we may see some snow on Sunday.


Colder air for the weekend

December 14th, 2013 at 6:44 pm by under Weather

The rain and snow has exited the Miami Valley.  There’s a small chance we may see a few flurries later tonight and throughout the afternoon tomorrow.

Here’s a look at some of the wet heavy snow that hit the area today.

report it 1 pic 2 pic 3

Most of the area picked up about 2-4 inches of snowfall.  Areas farther north like Mercer county picked up about 5 inches of snowfall.

snowfall amounts

Temperatures are going to be the main concern tonight.  We’ll see them fall below freezing and untreated surfaces that have standing water may freeze tonight.

sun 7am temps

Highs on Sunday really don’t move too much.  We’ll see temperatures in the middle 20′s for the afternoon.  Lows fall fast and by early Monday morning readings will be in the lower teens.

sun 10p ttemps

There’s a slight chance we may see a few flurries develop tonight and on Sunday afternoon.

sat 11pm

sun 9am

Have a great weekend!



More snow on the way

December 13th, 2013 at 8:10 pm by under Weather

Another storm system is going to bring us more snow for the weekend.  Right now we have a Winter Weather Advisory in effect for most of the Miami Valley and a Winter Storm Warning for Mercer and Auglaize counties.  Both of these are in effect through Saturday at 7pm.


Snow is beginning to move into the western half of the Miami Valley.  Right now the large batch of snow is covering Indy and central Illinois.

8pm radar image

The snow will overspread the entire Miami Valley later tonight and throughout Saturday.  It will be moderate to heavy at times.  So travel especially west along I70 or north along I75 is going to be slow Saturday.

winter storm timeline swi

Snow will be moderate to heavy at times especially in the northern Miami Valley overnight and during the day Saturday.

fri 11pmsat 7am

Brian Davis will have live weather cut-ins during the Today show from 8-9am.  So tune in and he will have the current conditions for you Saturday morning.

By the afternoon warmer air moves northward.  This means we’ll see some rain mixing with the snow.  Especially in the southern Miami Valley like Butler, Warren and Clinton counties.

sat 12pmsat 6pm

Depending on how far the rain snow line travels northward will impact how much snow we see in the Dayton area.  I do anticipate some mixing in portions of Montgomery county.  By 6pm on Saturday the snow begins to end and we’ll see just a few flurries Saturday night and Sunday.


It looks like areas south of Dayton will see about 1-2 inches of snowfall because rain will likely mix in there.  However most of the area will see about 2-4 inches.  If the rain/snow line stays farther south the Dayton area may pick up 4-5 inches.  The heaviest snow will fall in northern Darke county, Mercer and Auglaize counties.  These areas will likely see about 4-6 inches.  This snow is going to be rather wet and heavy which would be great for packing and making a snowman.  It will also be hard to shovel.

Stay safe!

Winter storm update Thursday 8pm

December 5th, 2013 at 8:29 pm by under Weather

We’ve already seen rain and even some sleet across the Miami Valley tonight.  Here’s a photo of the sleet earlier near Greenville from Cody Miller.  Don’t forget to send your photos to report!t via wdtn.com

Cody Miller Greenville

We saw our high temperatures at 3am.  Ever since then the cold front has brought colder air southward.  Take a look at just how fast temperatures fell this afternoon.

observed temps

There is a Winter Storm Warning in effect for most of the Miami Valley.  A Winter Weather Advisory for the extreme northern half of the Miami Valley.


This winter storm is very large and is impacting several states.  Take a look at how far south the winter warnings stretch.

wide winter warnings

This is a complex storm that has many variables to it.  Rain, freezing rain, sleet and snow are going to occur in the Miami Valley.  The rain/snow line is very thin and if temperatures vary by a few degrees that could mean some areas will see more sleet than snow or vice versa.  We’re keeping a close eye on the rain/snow line.  Tonight it will be right over the Miami Valley so the southern half will see some rain while the central and northern half will see sleet.

rain snow line2 rain snow line3 rain snow line4

The line shifts farther southward throughout the day on Friday.  However there’s still a chance we’ll see some mixing around lunch time in the Dayton area while areas north see all snow.  By the afternoon and evening cold air spills into the entire area and that means everyone will see snow.

One area of concern I have is the amount of icing.  Wilmington and other areas in Clinton and Warren counties may see some minor ice accumulations. The central half – Eaton, Dayton, Springfield will see several hours of sleet.

Sleet and ice forecast

Overnight sleet and freezing rain will overspread the region.  By early Friday morning sleet and freezing rain is likely to create icy roads.

midnightfri 6am

By lunch time areas north like Celina, Bellefontaine and Greenville will likely see all snow.  Eaton, Dayton and Springfield may still see areas of sleet.

Fri noonfri 8pm

Shortly after lunch time everyone will transition over to all snow.  The snow will be heavy at times.

I know many people are wondering how much snow we will see.  To say this is a complicated forecast is an understatement.  I’ve been pouring over model data coming up with the forecast trying to account for every variable.  The difficult part will be the rain/snow line.  If we end up seeing more sleet and freezing rain we’ll see less snowfall.  If we end up seeing less freezing rain and sleet we’ll see more snowfall.

Here’s my snowfall forecast:

Within the 6-8inch band there may be pockets with more than 8 inches.  All depends if we don’t see as much sleet.


Bottom line:

OvernightSleet/freezing rain – wet & icy roads

Friday Morning
Sleet/freezing rain/snow (north) – wet & icy roads

Friday Lunch
Snow begins northwest of Dayton/sleet near Dayton – wet & icy roads

Friday afternoon/evening
Moderate to heavy snow at times – snow covered and slippery roads

Saturday morning
Snow is gone however it’s going to be cold!  Temperatures fall into the teens which means we may see some more icy spots due to a refreeze.

Stay safe!

Winter Storm Update: Wed 8pm

December 4th, 2013 at 8:52 pm by under Weather

By now I’m sure you’ve heard that we are in store for a winter storm Thursday night into Friday.  This one has been evolving over the last few days.  I have heard a lot of people asking me about snowfall amounts on Friday – I do want to point out that there will be sleet and freezing rain before the snow gets here.  Yes we’re going to see snow and you’re going to have to shovel but we’re also going to see some icy conditions too.

The National Weather Service has issued a Winter Storm Watch for most of the Miami Valley for Thursday night and Friday.

winter storm watch winter storm timeline

A strong cold front is heading toward the Miami Valley.  Ahead of the front we saw temperatures in the lower 60′s today. Here’s a look at the 7pm temperatures.  Can you find the cold front?  Arctic air is going to head this way and have an impact on our precipitation type.

7pm temperatures

Thursday temperatures will start off mild (we’ll actually see our high for the day in the morning) then fall during the afternoon as the cold front moves through.  There’s a slight chance for little rain early in the day Thursday.

thu 6am thu 11am

After the first pocket of rain moves through we’ll see a lull in the precipitation.  However another wave of energy moves through and this is when we’re going to see rain, sleet and freezing rain.  The next wave will get here after 9pm Thursday and continue to bring us a wintry mix through Friday morning.

fri 3am fri 5am

The Friday morning commute will be a mess.  The northwestern half of the Miami Valley will see snow first while the Dayton area will continue to see a mix through the first half of the morning Friday.

fri 1pmfri 7pm

Once the cold air spills into the area after 11am all of the Miami Valley will switch over to snow.  It will accumulate and you’ll have to shovel it.  Roads throughout Friday will likely be messy.

As for snowfall amounts – I will post a map of what I’m forecasting however I need to say this is a difficult forecast due to the fact we’re going to see sleet and freezing rain.  If we see more sleet and freezing rain this means less snowfall – if we see less sleet and freezing rain we may see more snowfall.

Sleet and freezing rain all depend on temperatures.  Freezing rain is when there’s a shallow cold layer and the rain freezes on contact.  Sleet is when partly melted snow refreezes.  Both can really throw off a snowfall forecast.

sleet explainer freezing rain explainer

Many of the models are showing agreement in the amount and track of the snowfall.  This may vary by 50 miles either direction and may need to be tweaked once we get closer to the storm.

snowfall forecast wide

Again – stay tuned to the forecast.  And please be careful.  Yes we’re going to see some accumulating snow but we’re also going to see some icy conditions first.

Stay safe!

Cooler than normal streak broken

November 30th, 2013 at 8:10 pm by under Weather

While we started the day off with some clouds we ended the day with lots of sunshine.  Once the sun came out it really felt great.  In fact our temperatures rose into the middle and even upper 40′s in some spots.  We finally saw high temperatures above normal today.  It’s been more than a week since we’ve seen above normal temperatures.

warm weekend

It has been cold enough for Mad River Mountain to make snow!  This is the first time they have opened this early in more than a decade.  Several people hit the slopes.  Here’s a picture from Dylan Strahm.

Dylan Strahm Mad River Mtn


This warming trend will continue for the weekend and much of next week.  Temperatures will soar into the upper 40′s and lower 50′s for the middle of next week.

850 temps

Along with the warmer air we’ll also see several chances for rain Wednesday night, Thursday and Friday.  Colder air moves back into the Miami Valley for next weekend.

We’ll see a weak cold front move through tomorrow.  This means more clouds for Sunday and there’s a slight chance we may see a stray shower.

Sun 6amsun 6pm

Cloudy skies stick around for Monday too with a slight chance for a few showers.

mon 7am

Long term computer models suggest that we’ll see below normal temperatures for the middle of December.  So for those snow lovers who got a taste of skiing today hang tight – it doesn’t look like this warm up with last too much longer.





Part of comet survives trip around sun

November 29th, 2013 at 8:23 pm by under Weather

While many of us were traveling to our relatives house for Thanksgiving, comet ISON was hurling toward the sun on its own journey.  The comet has been being watched for days by astronomers.  Many thought the large ball of ice would be completely disintegrated once it approached the sun but new pictures suggest there may be something left after it’s sling shot trip around the sun.


Astronomers believe that some small parts of the comet were ripped apart and a small nucleus made it through the sun and resumed emitting gas and vapor. They are going to be using the next few days to analyze all of the data to see what has exactly happened.

Take a look at this loop from Nasa’s SOHO.  You’ll notice a streak of light enter the lower left hand corner of the screen.  It continues to move toward the center (where the sun is located) and then it emerges on the top left.

Here is a link to another spaceweather website that has images from Comet ISON’s trip through our solar system.

I have found another neat HD video clip.  Click here.  This one is zoomed in a little more and you can really see how some piece of the comet emerges from the sun.

NASA has an entire webpage for the comet.  Click here to see it.



Cold blast for Sunday

November 23rd, 2013 at 6:00 pm by under Weather

It’s beginning to feel and look a little more like late November.  We had chilly temperatures and even a few snow flurries this afternoon.


We had a weak disturbance pass through the area and produce a few snow showers reducing visibility at times.  Our very own Katie Ussin snapped this photo of the flakes.

Katie Ussin 544RADAR

We’ll see a few flurries early this evening but little to no accumulation is expected.

Tomorrow the big story will be the cold air taking over the Miami Valley.  Temperatures will start out in the teens across most of the area and will not rise much later Sunday afternoon.


This cold air mass is going to stick around for Sunday night and early Monday morning.  Temperatures begin to moderate a bit heading into next week but we’ll still be below normal.


Look for a few flurries tonight with skies becoming partly cloudy after midnight.  We’ll start off with some clouds early Sunday morning and just a slight chance for a few flurries north of Dayton.  Expect more sunshine for the afternoon as high pressure heads over the area.


We’re tracking a cold front that will head this way late Monday.  This brings us a chance for some light snow late Monday night into early Tuesday.


We’re going to be sandwiched in between two systems.  A cold front to our north and another area of low pressure to our south.  Some of the computer models are hinting that the area of low pressure moving from the south may move just far enough northward that we may see a few light snow showers on Tuesday.  We’ll continue to keep an eye on things!




Severe weather update 3pm

November 17th, 2013 at 3:16 pm by under Weather

We are still on track to see severe thunderstorms around 5-7pm in the Miami Valley.  The line is moving very quickly and is already in Indianapolis.  Here’s link to some of the web cams at WISHTV our sister station in Indianapolis.

The line of storms is producing several tornado warnings just west and north of Indy as of 3pm.

radar 3pm

Already this line of storms has produced several tornadoes in Illinois.

chicago tor pic

Wind gusts without thunderstorms have been near 40/50 mph at times.

wind gusts 3pm

Again make sure you are weather aware.  It looks like these storms will be approaching the Miami Valley between 5-7pm.  Brian Davis and I are here and Jamie Jarosik is coming in as well.  We’ll have team coverage with hourly updates on WDTN and we’ll update the weather blog as much as possible.

Stay safe!


Severe weather update 1pm

November 17th, 2013 at 1:12 pm by under Weather

There is a PDS (Particularly Dangerous Situation) tornado watch in effect until 8pm for most of the Miami Valley.  The wording PDS means that it is likely that we may see large hail, several intense tornadoes and winds near 80 mph.

tornado watch

We are under a “high” risk of severe weather from the Storm Prediction Center.  These are very rare.  In fact the last time we had a high risk was March of 2012 and that storm system produced the tornado that damaged Henryville, IN.

spc outlook

The Dayton area is in a 30% probability of a tornado within a 25 mile radius of a given point.

tornado probability

These storms already have produced large tornadoes in IL.

storm reports IL

It is very important that you listen to all warnings and make sure you take cover when one is issued.  These storms may produce tornadoes with little warning.  Here are some safety tips.

tornado safety 2 tornado safety 1

There may be a few storms that pop ahead of the initial severe storm line between 2-5pm.  We are expecting this strong line of storms to approach the Miami Valley between 5-7pm.

This is what the radar may look like at 6pm.

radar 6pm

Stay safe.  Brian Davis and I are here watching things very closely.



Strong storms likely Sunday afternoon

November 16th, 2013 at 5:22 pm by under Weather

Brian, Jamie and I have been watching this developing storm system for days now and tomorrow it will head into the Miami Valley.

It looks like we are going to see a fairly similar situation to that of Halloween night.  There are strong winds in the upper levels of the atmosphere and a cold front that will move through Sunday night.

The Storm Prediction Center has us in  a moderate risk of severe weather.

spc outlook

Here’s what is going to come our way tomorrow afternoon.  A cold front will approach the area by Sunday afternoon/evening.  Winds about a mile above the surface will be around 60-70 knots.  A strong piece of energy in the mid levels of the atmosphere will help to enhance the thunderstorms that develop.  This change in wind direction with height may produce a few isolated tornadoes.

severe set up

Under these conditions a tornado may develop so fast Doppler radar may not be able to detect it in time.  This is what happened on Halloween near Vandalia.   It is highly recommended that when a severe thunderstorm warning is issued that you take cover and head to your safe place.  The main threat from this line of storms will be very strong winds.

severe wx parameters

Here is what it looks like we will see tomorrow.  There will be some rain to start of the day.  It will be light to moderate but nothing will be severe.  The line of severe storms moves into the area in the afternoon.

wx headlines

Before the actual line of severe storms moves through winds will be very strong.  I am anticipating wind speeds around 20-30 mph with gusts near 50mph.  There is already a wind advisory issued for all of the Miami Valley for Sunday.

wind advisory

Here’s a look at what you can expect hour by hour tomorrow.  Again some rain in the morning but this batch will not be severe.

sun 7am

By noon there may be a few isolated showers with mostly cloudy skies.

The line of storms develops to the west of the area and heads eastward around 4pm.

sun 4pm  sun 9pmsun 10pm

By 10pm the line of storms will be off to the east of Dayton.  Be sure to stay weather aware tomorrow.  We’ll have the latest on-air and on-line.  Brian will be here and I am coming in as well to track the storms.  Stay safe!!!


A windy weekend with strong storms possible

November 15th, 2013 at 6:15 pm by under Weather

A strong storm system is heading this way for the weekend.  Ahead of it we will see temperatures well above normal and breezy winds out of the south and southwest.

Our normal high for this time of year is 52 but highs this weekend will be in the 60′s.


Our storm setup is not exactly the same but fairly similar to what we had on Halloween.  A strong cold front will move through Sunday afternoon and evening.  Winds about a mile above the surface will be gusty ushering in warm moist air.

sunday svr setup

Thunderstorms will develop west of the Miami Valley near Indianapolis and move eastward during the late afternoon and evening.  Right now it looks like the best chance of strong storms will be between 4 and 9pm.  The Storm Prediction Center has all of the Miami Valley under a “slight” risk of severe weather.  The main threat being strong damaging winds.

spc day 3 outlook

Before the front moves through winds will be breezy on Saturday and Sunday.  Winds will be out of the south and southwest around 10-20mph.  Higher wind speeds are expected on Sunday.

winds sat 6pmwinds sun 6pm

We’ll see a mix of sun and clouds throughout Saturday.  There’s a chance for a few showers Saturday night and early Sunday morning.

sat 8am sat 6pm

Look for breezy winds as the cold front approaches.  Highs on Sunday will be in the middle to upper 60′s.

sun 8amsun 7pm

Be sure to take any warning that comes out seriously.  We learned that on Halloween that tornadoes can form in severe thunderstorms quickly.  When there is a severe thunderstorm warning make sure to take it seriously and head to your safe place.


Another cold start but warming for the weekend

November 13th, 2013 at 5:44 am by under Weather

Temperatures once again are starting in the 20′s this morning.  Wind chill factors are in the the teens and with breezy winds this afternoon will continue to make it feel a bit cooler outside.  These highs and lows are well below normal for this time of year.

today's climo

We have clear skies  thanks to high pressure to our south.  This will continue to give us sunny skies through the end of the week as well.

sat image

Winds will be breezy later this afternoon but will begin to pick up out of the south and southwest tomorrow afternoon as high pressure moves eastward.

winds wed 4pm winds thu 4pm

Quiet weather continues through the week with high pressure nearby.  Look for lots of sunshine with slowly warming temperatures.

wed 8 am wed 6pm

Thursday high pressure still brings us sunny skies once again with temperatures a little closer to normal.

thu 7amthu 5pm

By the weekend temperatures will rise into the middle and upper 50′s close to 60 degrees.  All of these warm temperatures are due to a strong cold front that will bring us a good chance of rain on Sunday.

850 temps sun 5am

Stay warm today!



Windy today; Light snow possible Monday night

November 9th, 2013 at 6:15 pm by under Weather

We had a beautiful day across the Miami Valley today but it was a little windy.  Winds were gusting at times near 30 and 35mph.


Winds will drop a little tonight and especially tomorrow afternoon.  A cold front will move through later tonight and winds will switch directions.


Those breezy winds did push warm air into the region today.  Temperatures were above normal and we hit a high of 60° today!


High pressure builds across the Miami Valley for Sunday meaning lighter winds and lots of sunshine.  Temperatures will be a bit lower than what they were today with highs around 50.


On Monday we’re tracking a cold front that will bring a chance of rain and snow late Monday night into early Tuesday morning.  By Monday morning we’ll see some sunshine with clouds increasing by the afternoon.


By Monday evening the cold front approaches bringing first a chance for showers.  As colder air filters southward the rain will change over to snow.


Right now it looks like the snow will be light with accumulations near a half inch or an inch.  Most of the light snow will fall Monday night but some of the roadways will likely be wet early Tuesday morning.


A cool weekend to fall back

November 2nd, 2013 at 5:41 pm by under Weather

As of 5:30 Saturday there are a few scattered showers especially in the northern half of the Miami Valley. You can check the radar by clicking here.

Clouds will hang around tonight before breaking up by early Sunday morning.  We’ll continue to see temperatures below normal for the rest of the weekend.

sun 6am 850 cool

Look for skies to become mostly sunny as high pressure comes into play for Sunday afternoon.  Temperatures will be running about 10 degrees below normal with highs in the upper 40′s.

sun 4pm

If you have to do any yard work the next few days will be great to head outdoors.  It will be a bit chilly but we will see lots of sunshine for the next few days.

mon 6ammon 6pmraking forecast

We then turn our attention to later in the work week.  Here we will see temperatures warm again above normal ahead of a stronger cold front.  This front will once again bring us a chance for showers late Wednesday and most of Thursday.

850 warm

Don’t forget to “fall back” tonight!  We return to standard time.  If you don’t want to wait until 2am Sunday many people set their clocks back an hour before bed Saturday.  We return to daylight saving time in March.  You’ll notice that the sun will be setting earlier.  It will be daylight when you wake up but dark on your drive home.

fall back

Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy your extra hour of sleep.  However many of my friends with kids hate the time change…I can only imagine what it does to your little ones bed times!  Good luck!


Tornado tracks and damage from last night

November 1st, 2013 at 6:31 pm by under Weather

It was a busy night Thursday as thunderstorms tracked through the Miami Valley.  The strong line of storms were moving at 50-65 miles per hour.  The winds from the storms were 40-50mph with some stronger gusts.wind gusts

Here are some of the damage reports from the National Weather Service.

storm reports adi

There was incredible damage in Vandalia from these storms.  Click here to see a photo gallery of the damage.

The National Weather Service has confirmed 2 tornadoes touched down last night.  One of them was in Vandalia

The tornado is ranked as EF1 with winds near 100-110mph, damage path was 50 yards wide and was on the ground for 0.6 miles.

There was another tornado that touched down briefly in Miami county.

This tornado is ranked EF0 with winds near 75mph, damage path was 30 yards wide and was on the ground for about a third of a mile.

This was the first time Miami and Montgomery counties had tornadoes touchdown since 2011.

tornado climo

Until these two tornadoes there has been only one other in our viewing area this season.  It was this summer in Auglaize county.

This weekend will be quiet.  No severe weather expected but there’s a slight chance we may see a few scattered showers on Saturday.

sat 8amsat 5pm

If you need to do some raking – Sunday will probably be the better day.  While the showers will be widely scattered Saturday we’ll see lots of sunshine for Sunday.

sun 7amsun 6pm

As far as temperatures go – they will be below normal for much of the weekend.  Looking farther ahead…..we’re tracking another chance for rain as a cold front moves through late Wednesday and early Thursday.  Stay tuned…



Cloudy today with thunderstorms tomorrow

October 30th, 2013 at 5:46 am by under Weather

We’re starting today with lots of clouds and a few spotty showers.  The clouds will hang around for much of the day but showers will be pretty spotty.  We’ll see the chance for some drizzle/mist through the day but it won’t be a complete wash out.  Watch out for some patchy fog again early this morning too.

rain chances

We’re tracking a cold front that will move into the area tomorrow.  Ahead of it temperatures will be mild in the middle and upper 60′s.  wed 5pm


Our jet stream or storm track dips right over us which means we have a lot of upper level support on Thursday.  Strong winds are possible as the thunderstorms move through by the late afternoon and evening.

jet2wind gusts

We’ll see a few showers early Thursday but the main event will be once the cold front moves through by the afternoon.  Some of the storms may be on the strong side with gusty winds being the main threat.

severe threat thursday

thu 7amthu5pm

Brian Davis will have an updated forecast for you tonight on 2news at 5pm.  Stay safe and remember you can always look at Live Doppler 2HD radar online here at wdtn.com



Foggy morning, warm with rain late week

October 29th, 2013 at 6:43 am by under Uncategorized, Weather

We’re dealing with some patchy fog this morning.  It’s causing more of a nuisance farther north where some schools are now on 2 hour delays.  Click here for a list

We have a Dense Fog Advisory in effect until 10am.

visibilities dense fog advisory

Fog this morning with some sunshine then clouds increasing for the afternoon.  It will be dry today with highs near normal.

tue 6pm

Our jet stream or storm track will bring us temperatures above normal for Wednesday and Thursday.  On Thursday our jet stream takes a big dip and this means that we will see enough lift for thunderstorms to develop.


There is a slight chance that some of these storms may be on the strong side.  The Storm Prediction Center has portions of Ohio in an elevated risk of severe weather.

severe threat thursday

Right now it looks like trick or treating may be soggy.  We’re going to keep an eye on this system.  It’s a little too early to tell whether or not strong storms will make it all the way here.  But it’s something to be aware of.

trick or treat

Until then we’ll see temperature above normal with a few showers possible on Wednesday as a warm front lifts northward.

wed 7amwed 5pm

If you need to get any yard work done today would be the day to do it.  Rain chances will increase.

rain percentage raking forecast

Have a great day!