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Did you know that WDTN has multiple ways for you to get your News, Sports and Weather?

Try going to on you mobile phones browser

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Crash Test Study

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New crash tests just released today are raising serious questions about the safety of small cars. People who may be trying to save money by purchasing these smaller cars may be paying with higher risk.

The impact is dramatic. The message seems clear. The smallest cars on the road, even those that meet…And exceed federal safety requirements, do poorly when they crash into their mid-size counterparts.

The non-profit insurance institute for highway safety put the Toyota Yaris, Smart for two and Honda fit in head-to-head crash tests with mid-size models from their respective companies.

The tests show all three earned a poor rating in the head to head collisions. Passengers in the fit, yaris and smart fortwo were at higher risk for injury than those in the larger, heavier midsize sedans.

Smart’s president defends the track record of their cars.

The most recent statistics show the overall death rate for micro-cars is 23 percent higher than for midsize vehicles.

Still, as gas prices soared in the last year so did sales of sub-compacts.

But these tests have some questioning if saving money on gas means paying a price when it comes to safety.

If you would like to find out more about this and other crash tests, you can go to

Bank of America Raising Credit Card Interest Rates?

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Oh yeah, that’s word from banking officials who seemingly need your money to recoup their losses.  About a week ago, I got a letter in the mail from B of A saying they were going to raise my interest rates from about 9%to a whopping 20.74%!!!!!!  I ’bout jumped out of my pants when I read that.  I immediately called the company to see what the problem was.  I thought, maybe, I had missed a payment or had paid late.  Usually, that’s one way credit card companies can get you.  However, I remembered that I have automatic withdrawals coming from my bank account.  Well, after a short wait, the account representatitve with B of A told me they could raise my rate at any time if they felt it was necessary.  I told them I pay more than the minimum every month and on time.  She told me, “Sir, we’re all having tough times.”  My thought…punish everyone?  She told me I could keep my current rate but all I could do is pay off the card.  If I used it, the interest rate would jump automatically. 

A couple of days later, I was at work when the story crossed the wire again.  This time I read they’re going to raise interest rates on anyone who carries a balance.  I think B of A is crazy in this one.  They are forcing me, and others, to pay off the card instead of making money from the interest rate.  What, are they going to collect from people who don’t pay or pay sporadically?  Plus, I have a problem with them possibly getting money from the government and from their customers.  It’s double dipping in a way to recoup their losses during their poor decision making skills of green lighting bad home loans.  I wonder if other banks will follow suit.  I do know this, me and a few of my coworkers have decided to drop B of A like a bad habit!

Escrow Company Probed For Missing Money

April 1st, 2009 at 6:29 pm by under Business, Turn to 2

If you’re a homeowner, you’re proud of the roof you have over your head. You’ve saved the money, signed the paperwork and the keys are yours! Well, how many of you escrow? It’s a simple thing to do if you want a third party company to pay your property taxes and/or your homeowners insurance every month. You pay into it and they’re suppose to take care of the rest. American Escrow LLC. out of Chicago apparently took care of the rest and then some. They’re accused of stealing the homeowners money. The Illinois Attorney General is investigating the matter. Personally, I don’t escrow because of this reason. I keep my money in a place where I get a pretty good interest rate. Then in the summer and winter, I take the money I’ve been saving to pay the county treasurer. Now, you have to be focused and disciplined to do this or you’ll get in some trouble down the road. What do you do? Love to get your thoughts on the issue. By the way, read or watch the story of this Clark County man right now on the Turn To 2 tab!